Thursday, March 24, 2011



As I stood in line for some photo enlargements at the Provo Costco the other day, I heard the loud 'clickity click' of high heels behind me so I turned around to behold the most sinteresting thing... it was a knockout of a platinum-blonde woman strutting black, leather, thigh-high boots with coordinating black stretch pants and buckled leather jacket. 

This woman was in her late thirties, yet had the curves and waistline that only occur in nature never.  (I mean how does one achieve 2% body fat yet work a heavy bustline and j.lo-esque backside?)  If I sound jealous it's because I sound jealous.  She was turning heads and getting double and tripple takes all over the place- mostly from men- even obviously Mormon men- even men whose wives would never guess they ever let their eyes wander.

I am guessing that 'thigh-high-strutting-Provo-Costco-lady' knew exactly what she was doing in the morning when she squoze into her clothes and then went shopping at the Provo Costco.  She wanted to attract attention and knew what would work.  Part of me is suprised by how many heads she turned, but then not suprised because I was looking too- but not in that way--

And so I am still figuring out how I feel about thigh boot lady and the amount of endowed attention she was getting. 

(Aaron and I discovered some years ago that just because you marry someone- it doesn't mean you never, ever again in your whole life think another human being is attractive.  And so when I tease him at the mall or wherever there may be other beautiful women we see, he tells me, 'a gentleman only looks once'.  But then he didn't see boot lady... I wonder where she is in Provo shopping today....)