Sunday, February 6, 2011

self obsession

I ran into a girlfriend from high school today at church.  She had visited our blog and for a moment during our conversation I felt a little sheepish of my posts- they tend to be all about me and how wonderful my family is...

And earlier this week I was visiting a very popular mormon blog and got the same feeling from that one- that each post is to describe in detail how awesome the blogger's life is...and it got a little old. 

It is one thing to post pictures of the kids for out-of-state grandparents and relatives but it's another to post and post in an effort to trump other bloggers' extraordinary lives.  And it may be just me having a realization for myself, but conceitedness is not a characteristic I admire in others and in turn do not want to seem that way- blogwise.  So pardon this little reflection on mine and others self obsession- it is a 'thing that must go'.