Friday, May 15, 2009

jazz requirements

I am coming upon two years of teaching in the expansive dance program at my YMCA and have grown as a teacher. I work under the direction of an exceptional woman and dancer, Lynn Wilmot-Stenehjem. This month is all focused on preparing the over 500 students for their recital at Tacoma's Pantages Theater where they will perform their dances for over 1,500 relatives and friends.

Aside from all the 'organized chaos' of the recital, it is the time of year where I decide which students are ready to move on to higher levels. Here is one of my handouts I include for the dancers and parents when they get their next class assignment:

Required Skills to Enter Advanced Jazz Level, 8- 12 years old,
students should master the following:

warm up
working for great flexibility

center work
strong foot technique
upper body and core strength
pirouettes (turns) single mastered-inside & out, working on doubles

across the floor
fan kicks
6ct step
battements (kicks) fwd, sdwys, bkwd (above 45 degrees)
chaines-correctly executed, faster paced

pas de bourrees (begin turning)
front, side, back jumps & leaps, tombe pas de bourree prep
complex combination of steps
working on fast directional changes

*demonstrate performance quality
*demonstrate musicality
*ability to master choreography
*ability to apply corrections