Wednesday, January 9, 2008

sf date

So, as usual, Aaron and I spent a day in the city during
our Christmas vacation in California. My family lives in
Stockton and so we drive into Pleasanton and take the
BART train into San Francisco- it makes for a pretty painless

Aside from the jewelry shops in Chinatown and all the holiday sparkles
of the town, a main interest of this trip was to see the Leonardo DaVinci
exhibit at the Metreon. What they have done is actually build almost
all of DaVincis ideas from his extensive drawings and schematics- cool.

There were fun shops inside the Metreon, like a posh
little bookstore and this Nintendo store...oh my husband
and his gaming addiction...

We ate in the Metreon at the Firewood Grill. Aaron ordered
penne pasta with pesto and fresh vegetables, I ordered grilled
oysters tossed in linguini with garlic sauce- very good. This was
the little call number for our meal, I thought it was cute!

In honor of my cousin, Meikel we stopped in H&M. Aaron found a sweater
he liked and I found these awesome raspberry sparkle high heels- oh gosh!
But of course they were out of size 10 and 11- dangit!
We ended the night with ice cream drinks at Borders, it stays open so late!
Aaron found books for his parents and I swear we were sitting next to
Jeremy Irons at the cafe! Aaron was not so sure...